Yolloy provides you the best inflatable tents with different shapes and colors.

Inflatable tents are known as air tents. It is the new innovation of tent producing company. It is very popular and easy to bear because inflatable tents are filled with pump. It can be put within few minutes. There are various inflatable tents in the market but most of the companies are not able to provide you a well designed product. It’s too tough to choose when you are going to purchase an inflatable tents but Yolloy provides you good products which are made of safe and secured metal. Before producing the products the engineers examine the quality of metal very well. It is more appealing than any other tents because of its different shapes as like as cube, dome, oval, tunnel etc.


Types of inflatable tents: Inflatable tents are hugely used for outdoor activities. Such as: inflatable dome tent, inflatable tunnel tent, inflatable cube, inflatable air shelters etc.

Inflatable dome tent: When you want to make an outdoor journey it will be helpful for you. It will protect you from the sun or rain when you are going to travel near beach or desert. Yolloy produces inflatable tents according to the client’s desire. Yolloy will also provide you logo if you want. Different products are made of different materials and the materials will be tested before producing. As it is transportable you can take it where you want. Different sorts of inflatable dome tents are available in the market. Yolloy produces dome tents for family package, single person and children. Some dome tents are produced for outdoor journey at sea beach. Products are made of glass, PVC tarpaulins. 2/3 years warranty is available for inflatable dome tents provided by Yolloy.

Inflatable cube tents: Cube shaped tents are also popular as like as dome tents for its well design and beauty. Different colored cube tents are found in Yolloy which can easily attract the customers. The materials used for the products are well protected because UV resistant and fire retardant are used for making products. Yolloy provides all of the facilities. 2-3 years warranty is available for every product.

Inflatable tunnel tents: Inflatable tunnel tents are vastly used for sport ground, family outdoor journey. A window is provided for fresh air. This ventilation attracts the client very much. Well protected materials are used to produce this product as like as other products. PVC tarpaulins and PVC fabrics are used vastly for the protection.

Prices of the products: Prices of yolloy products are reasonable but not too cheap because we believe in quality. For providing good quality we have to use good technology.

Uses of the inflatable tents: Inflatable tents are used for brand promoting, outdoor journey, different sport events. Besides, the inflatable tents are used for refuge center. Moreover some designs are created for car-parking specially as like as portable garage painting workstation.

All of the inflatable tents can be found in yolloy. A plenty of designers are available to examine the materials. Before shipment the products are again tested. Yolloy tries to provide the best services to the customers.