Planning A Destination Wedding In Florida

Florida is the site of many destination weddings, partly because of the many venues that can make any couple’s wedding day dreams come true. Planning a destination wedding in Florida is easy to do because there are so many professional wedding planners working throughout the state.

Couples that do choose to plan their own destination wedding in Florida are urged to break up the planning process into a series of steps. This ensures all the proper arrangements are made before the bride and groom even depart for Florida. Certain steps should be completed each month leading up to the ceremony.

Destination weddings require couples to arrive at least two days before the ceremony. Prior to arriving in Florida, couples must apply for their marriage license, which expires 60 days after it is approved. If a couple fails to get married during those 60 days they must reapply for the license before they can have their destination wedding in Florida.

The smartest times of the year to plan a destination wedding in Florida are April and May as well as October and November. April, May, October and November are the months when not only is Florida weather at its nicest, hotel room rates are reasonable. Any summer time destination wedding being held in Florida should take place in the morning because during the summer months afternoons are often rainy.

For a destination wedding in Florida, the ideal number of guests for couples to invite is between 50 and 70. Many outdoor wedding venues in Florida cannot hold more guests than that, plus the fact that you don’t want to spend too much money on wedding favors and other accessories. Even very cheap wedding sparklers start to add up when you’re shopping for too many guests!

Depending on a couple’s point of view, it is important to find out if any local festivals or other similar events are taking place the same day in or near the area a couple wants to marry in. For some couples, this is an added incentive to have their destination wedding in Florida, because it provides their guests with something else to do while they are in town. For other couples this is a turn off because it may mean more crowded streets surrounding their desired wedding venue.

When choosing a venue for a destination wedding in Florida, many couples flock to areas such as Palm Beach and the Florida Keys. Palm Beach is the recommended location for couples who want an upscale, country club type wedding. The Florida Keys often appeal to couples who want to make sailing and fishing excursions part of their experience and their guests’ experience. Key West is a nostalgic town where couples and their guests can tour the Ernest Hemingway House & Museum. The museum also hosts weddings, cocktail hours and receptions in style. One annual event in Key West that draws many couples for their destination weddings is the Fantasy Fest Parade. Couples also often choose to get married at the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservancy.

One thing to keep in mind is that fireworks are not permitted in the state of Florida; not even sparklers. In fact, many of the brushfires that plaque certain parts of Florida are often lit my sparklers and other small fireworks. While many people yearn for something as simple as getting sparklers to use at a wedding reception, it is completely illegal and not looked upon kindly. If having sparklers or other fireworks at your wedding is important, consider hiring a professional crew since that’s the only way to do it both safely and legally.

Planning a destination wedding in Florida is something that couples can’t go wrong with. The planning pays off every time, and Florida is an ideal choice for your destination wedding.