Bed & Breakfast vs Hotel: Which is Better?

When planning your Montreal holiday, you might have come to a point where you need to decide whether you will stay at a hotel or get a room at a bed and breakfast such as the Gite Maamm Bolduc.

It could be pretty daunting for travelers who are not used to staying at B&Bs and are used to the comforts of well-known hotels. A lot of people are not really sure whether to choose a bed and breakfast over a hotel so let us point out some things to help you decide:

Pay More Or Pay Less

If you will compare prices of bed and breakfast against hotel rates, there is really no competition. Industry surveys have established that B&Bs are more affordable compared to hotels. The money you can save on B&Bs can be well spent for other things so you can enjoy your holiday more or perhaps save it for future use.

Going beyond money, you have to look at the value you can get out of your stay. You need to look at what gives you more bang for your buck. In a hotel, you will most likely get a box and you have to pay extra for parking, snacks, and most likely Internet connection. At a bed and breakfast such as Gite Maamm Bolduc, you will have a comfortable room that comes, most likely, with free Wi-Fi and other extras.

As for breakfast, get ready to pay for that in hotels while you might get a hearty one at a B&B.

Better Rooms

Hotel rooms are nice but you practically stay in a beautiful box. Get another hotel room and you will most likely get a room with exactly the same look with all the furniture and fixture in the same order. On the other hand, bed and breakfasts offer rooms with character. Each room is decorated uniquely with each room providing a different vibe and feel. Some B&Bs even offer themed rooms and allow you to book rooms depending on the kind of home away from home you want to have.

Personal Attention

Hotels are big businesses and they are primarily that, a business. Meanwhile, a bed and breakfast prides itself in providing the best customer service possible. Owners and staff of a B&B will usually go an extra mile to make sure you are comfortable, have what you need, and that they are there to help in case you need anything.

At hotels, you can call for room service and you can expect people to come quickly with your order as if they came from a line of robots. You can compare this to the personal attention given to visitors at a bed and breakfast such as Gite Maamm Bolduc where the innkeepers are sort of local experts that you can ask about anything so you can fully enjoy your holiday.


Hotels may give you free extras to make sure they can keep doing business with you. At B&Bs, the same thing is true except that there is such warmth when giving this extras to visitors and paying attention to the little details. Do not be surprised if a B&B leaves some free cookies for you, give you a free meal, or offer their service vehicle for free to get you at Point A or B of town.

Gite Maamm Bolduc offers unique and comfortable rooms, fully-equipped kitchen, high-speed Internet, and other amenities to make you feel at home. Gite Maamm Bolduc bed and breakfast Montreal is your home away from home.