Road Trip Tips For Travelling With Your Dog

Are you prepared to build some awesome road trip memories by traveling with your tail-wagger friend? Give yourself some plenty of time to plan before, and consider following this piece of advice to ensure an enjoyable and safe trip for the two of you.

Consult Your Vet

It’s possible that you have not taken your dog for a check-up of late, and it’s time you did that.

Make sure that your dog’s vaccines are updated, and inquire whether additional vaccinations are required for this particular trip. This precaution is necessary as it ensures that your pet is protected against different destination threats, like Lyme disease.

Pack the Essentials

Consider separating his items from your as this makes accessibility easier anytime you require them during the ride. Such items include:

  • Your dog’s regular food
  • Poop Bags
  • Pet’s medications and medical records.
  • A kennel
  • Water Bowl
  • Updated tags, a collar, and a leash
  • His favorite toys
  • Dog’s bed and blankets

Cleaning supplies, in the event she gets sick

Update the dog’s identification

Your dog might get lost during the trip, and you need to find him within the shortest time possible. It’s advisable that you adjust the number on his tag such that you list not only your cell mobile number but also an extra emergency number for a family or friend. Also, it’s advisable that you microchip your dog before you head out. It ensures a higher level of security, especially if your pet’s tag slips off.

Plan your route well

You need to certify that your trip plan allows time for frequent breaks. Your dog must have a chance to relieve himself and also to play around in the new ecosystem. A break of 20-30 minutes will do after every 4-5 hour, most preferably in a pet-friendly environment.  If you are going on a really long trip or travelling in the summer you may consider a covering on the back seat to keep the dog cool. There are a number of great seat covers that can help solve this problem Yippr Dog Seat Covers may be a good option for your best friend’s comfort.

Prepare Your Dog for the Trip.

Most dogs may suffer from car sickness, and it’s thus popular to feed your dog some 3 or 24 hours before departure.

Restrain Your Dog in the Vehicle

A kennel or a pet-belt is ideal for controlling him when the car is moving. It is a safety measure for both of you and everyone else in the vehicle. The most certified way to retrain your dog is by the use of a crash-tested crate. It safe and also provides a comfortable place for the dog to sleep in any motel or any other accommodation available.

Maintain Your Routine.

Though it might prove difficult to follow your trip plan exactly, it’s advisable you try to be consistent. Feed and walk the dog around following an almost similar schedule as you do at home.

You are done with preparations, and now it’s time to kick back and have an enjoyable and time together. Make memories!